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We deliver business solutions to small businesses and large enterprises. We believe successful futures start with engaging & developing leaders at all levels. We serve corporations, non-profits, and NGO clients across many geographic settings. We bring advisory expertise and learning solutions to address your specific business challenges.

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Coach, Team, Lead — Three powerful ways we support your business.

Business Coaching

  1. Translate leadership targets to each level of the company.
  2. Align business functions to strategic future.
  3. Develop business strategies that drive growth.
  4. Evaluate strategic indicators of organization performance.

Team Leadership

  1. Define required team leadership competencies.
  2. Assess and develop team leaders.
  3. Deliver company-wide learning solutions that impact high performance.

Leading With Clarity

  1. Help leaders build directive and non-directive leadership approaches.
  2. Navigate transitions in the workplace.
  3. Influence decisions across functions.
  4. Manage business risk and empower others to proactively address threats.

Two decades of diverse industry experience.
Pioneering business and leadership development strategy in a wide range of economies. Our advisors and coaches bring deep understanding of the diversity required to succeed.
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Executive Coaching

Rowhill coaches work with individuals on leadership styles and preferences.  Using advanced assessment tools, technical leaders increase their effectiveness with direct reports and peers to achieve complex projects.  Coaches listen and advise using practical management tools suited for today’s business issues.

Trusted Advisors

Rowhill has extensive experience elevating leadership and management talent in the world’s most admired corporations.  We specialize in aligning your company’s management development strategy for individuals and teams.  Executive coaching, team development, and management skill building are central to our client partnerships.

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Management Capacity Building

We take leadership lessons beyond classrooms and digital learning systems. Our facilitators have years of business experience supporting learning through coastal challenge simulations where teams execute complex simulations while receiving expert feedback. Our maritime simulations build management capacity and sustained leadership skills.

Team Development

Rowhill partners with your firm to refine team leadership skills necessary to motivate and guide complex team activities.  Using over 30 years of experiential team activities, we help leaders grow influencing skills and attract followership.  Team develop on the basis of trust and clear understanding of how each team member contributes to the mission.  Rowhill builds customized team learning experiences that expands understanding of team dynamics and provides individual feedback to each leader.