Our Services

Our Experience

Rowhill has extensive global experience serving many sectors of industry.  We deliver expert services in the following areas:

  • Global Energy Corporations
  • Scientific Organizations
  • Advanced Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Government & NGO’s

Our Practice Stories

Rowhill Consulting Group brings the expertise of seasoned professionals who have practice experiences both nationally and beyond borders in the Americas, Africa, Europe, The Middle East, and across Asia Pacific.

Global Energy

Rowhill developed long standing partnerships with both national and international oil & gas corporations.  In service to each organization, Rowhill partnered to refine leadership and management requirements in volatile exploration and production environments.  Through diagnostic and learning solutions, thousands of leaders are better skilled and prepared for the future.


Rowhill partnered with senior management and Human Resource professionals to determine the leadership development requirements for senior managers.  Over 5 years, the aerospace manufacturer designed and customized the program into a pivotal career development experience.  Rowhill provided design, educational materials, and professional coaching.

Engineering & Advanced Technology

Rowhill advised the global executive committee and CEO on Human Capital requirements for a rapidly growing applied engineering enterprise . Rowhill advised and developed leaders from the manufacturing floor to the executive suite.  Simulations and executive development  activities helped the global executive team collaborate on enterprise strategy and market segmentation.