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Leadership Academy

Influencing Others Negotiation Skills
Most leaders influence others on the principles of logic and rational thinking. We examine conflict principles to understand how tensions emerge, and how to make conflict management choices in daily leadership situations. With each leader we examine:
  • Conflict Handling & Collaborative Negotiation Techniques
  • Influencing Styles- Directive or Non-Directive Leadership Styles
  • Negotiation- Collaborative Approaches to Achieving Results
  • Non-Collaborative Situations & Effective Negotiation Strategies
  • Team Negotiation Experience- Bringing Leadership Skills Together
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Leading Others Building A Shared Vision
Leading Others- Building A Shared Vision Personal Leadership Vision starts with self-reflection and charting a course of action. Our Rowhill team examines industry futures and reinforces skills that build anticipation, commitment, and understanding of ways leaders inspire actions even when facing the most daunting industry challenges.
  • Personal Leadership Vision- Assessing Purpose and Assets
  • Workplace Engagement How to influence and mobilize work teams
  • Lessons from Failure
  • Leadership Vulnerability- The power of Creating room for others to lead
  • Outdoor Learning Experience- Coastal Team Sailing Experience
  • Circle of Influence- Considering how leaders mobilize and inspire key stakeholders
  • Building Commitment & Support for Business Plan
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Leadership Expedition Assessment Program
Rowhill offers a concise set of assessment tools that help leaders understand their unique gifts and areas for continued skill advancement. With post-assessment coaching sessions our advisors interpret scores and identify workplace activities the participant can stretch their skill levels with ongoing assistance of a dedicated advisor and peer coaches.
  • Self-Assessment- Leadership Competency assessment
  • Self-Assessment- Conflict Management Preferences
  • Emotional Intelligence- Social Relationship Management, Self-management Capabilities
  • Understanding Your Leadership Style Leading with Powerful Inquiry and Humility
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Leadership Expedition Advanced Management
Rowhill Consulting Group designs and facilitates customized leadership experiences. The Expedition Experience is ideal for mid-career team leaders searching for decision-making frameworks and team leadership tools. Our senior advisors execute a 2 ½ day skill-building experience that addresses challenging leadership situations. Uniquely, this program accelerates learning through simulations, classroom sessions, and coaching sessions. Using the coastal environment, instructors utilize sailing activities to intensify learning and build actionable behaviors.
  • Evening Orientation
  • Day 1- Managing Oneself- Understanding Your Leadership Style
  • Day 2- Leading Others- Communicating a Future View & Engaging Others
  • Day 3- (half day) Influencing Others- Managing Tensions and Applying Collaborative Negotiation Skills
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Building Leadership Capacity
A Six-month Coaching series led by our experienced business advisors. We work with our corporate clients to provide tailored bi-weekly coaching services to individual leaders. Coaching with impact takes time and steady application of new tools on the job. “Building Leadership Capacity” requires the participant to regularly invite the coach into workplace decisions and team meetings as a “Shadow Coach” to observe and advise the leaders on strengths and areas of opportunity.
  • Senior advisors consulting with leaders on current industry issues
  • Elevate current leadership contributions based on observations virtually or in-person
  • Executive coaching addresses key leadership skills vital to current and future roles
  • Accelerating team leadership performance from early formation to post-action review
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Learning to Lead Sailing Experience


Adults: $750 per person (In-Company Discounts Available)


2-Day Program | 10am to 4pm each day


Program Focus:
  • Personalized Leadership Assessment
  • Leading in highly uncertain climates
  • Attracting followership
  • Team development cycle
  • Getting the most from your crew
  • Managing conflict
Who Benefits from Attending:
  • Team Leaders
  • Organization Development professionals
  • Sailing enthusiasts
  • Managers with direct reports
  • High-Performance team members
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