Rowhill Presents Cutting-Edge Methodology at CSTD Calgary

Calgary, Canada – Jim Sheegog travelled to Calgary at the request of the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) Symposium. In his ninety minute presentation Jim discussed the importance of Action Based Leadership (ABL), a new methodology developed by Rowhill Consulting Group. Jim was invited by CSTD to present his case study based on Rowhill’s intensive 18 month pilot in Kuwait with EQUATE Petrochemical Corporation.

The ABL methodology is sponsored by the company’s CEO and Executive Team to build the leadership capabilities of current employees  in a rapidly changing Middle East Region. The EQUATE case study is relevant to companies undergoing transformational change. Our focus with ABL is to align and reinforce leadership skills, knowledge, and behaviors that are required to achieve a five year strategic business plan.

The audience had an overwhelming positive reaction to the presentation:

“Great presentation – some very useful and practical insights”

“Good to see how the approach had worked in Kuwait”

“Great session — provided lots of useful information to apply back on the job”

“very interesting – like Jim said only 5% of companies in the world do or have done what he’s working on now”

If you wish to learn more about the Action Based Leadership methodology we’ve placed the entire CSTD presentation in a link below. Feel free to contact us directly at

Download the Calgary ABL presentation